Saturday, August 21, 2010

paint, water, and toxic bubbles.

Remember this shoot with Kaylee and Megan? Well I teamed back up with this crazy family for one insane shoot involving paint, scary bubbles that don't pop, and water. This shoot was so much fun. Mrs. Heather wanted to try out a "trash the dress" type thing with Taylor and Kaylee and Megan and paint. Are you ready for the epicness that resulted?? haha, I love this family so so much. (and no, I did not escape completely unscathed :P I had paint all over my legs and the toxic bubbles all over me. . .we did try to protect the camera from the water though)

Most of these photos are completely candid and all this happened within about 45 minutes or so (I had to put it in sports mode and capture as much as I could, as much as it pained me to take it out of manual. I started shooting manual a couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked!)

I think these next few photos are my favorite! There were only a couple of rules when we started this and that was: no paint on faces or in hair and of course no paint or water on Lindsay's camera! haha.
Total accident. LOVE the expressions. So happy I caught it!

Megan was such a great sport!

D'awww. Brother and Sisterly love? Or let's see how much paint I can get on my sibling? Eh? ;)

I TOLD YOU THEY WERE CREEPY BUBBLES. They just didn't pop. Weeeirrrrd. Kind of cool looking, made for great photos, but you didn't TOUCH these things. ewwwww. I don't even know how to describe it :P

And do you remember Annie? I shot with her last month. She was with the guys when I came over and helped a lot with the water and bubbles. 

 The aftermath. . .

so much fun. Love these guys so much. :)


AESnodgrass said...

Lindsay you are an aMaZiNg photographer!!! And I want a print of the black and white pic of Taylor before they got all crazy. He looks all serious and artistic hee hee. And I do have to love how you snuck a picture of me. <3 you my Untwirler friend!

Stacy of KSW said...

YOu are officially the coolest 16 year old i have ever "met". You have a great eye and take fantastic photos! Some of these look like they came straight fro a magazine. Keep up the good work and keep plugging away, I love your blog!